Can I Use Microsoft Excel to Create A Budget?

Yes, of course, you can use Microsoft Excel to create your household budget or a business budget. MS Excel offers many free and premium budget templates. You can use these templates to create your budget in no time.

A budget helps you to track and schedule your income and expenses. Different MS Excel budgeting templates will help you manage your income and expenses. 

How to Use Excel for Making Your Budget?

Using Excel Budget templates is not a tricky task. You can easily make your budget by using templates in a shortcut way. All you need to do is make little customization in the template of your choice as per your requirements. You can also design a template from scratch as per your requirements. Here are the three ways you can create your budget using Microsoft Excel.

Using Excel Budget Template 

MS Excel has a built-in templates library for creating a budget. You can choose a template of your choice and can make a budget quickly. Just open MS Excel, Go to File Menu, and then click on New. Choose Budget or search for Budget; you will see many templates on the page. 

Click on a template per your requirements. You will be given details about the template. Read the details and click on Create. Excel will download the template, and you can edit and update the data in the given template per your requirements.

The benefit of using built-in templates is that different categories of income and expenses are already included in the templates. You do not have to create all the types on your own. You can just add or remove different categories as per your choice.

Using Third Party Templates

MS Excel is equipped with plenty of different templates available to use. You can also use third-party templates if you do not find a template of your choice. You can download different templates from websites like Vertex42 and Spreadsheet123

Creating A Template from Scratch

If you do not find your desired template in MS Excel or other third-party websites, you can create one using MS Excel. However, it is tricky and time-consuming as you have to make a template from scratch. 

You can open a new workbook and create a sheet. You can then add different sections, e.g. Income and Expenses, and add sub-sections for these. After this, you can populate the sheet by adding your income and expenditures in each area.

Best Choice to Create A Microsoft Excel Budget 

WPS Office Suite is the best and ultimate solution for all your office needs. You can use WPS Office Spreadsheets to create your budget. WPS Spreadsheet comes with a variety of built-in templates for creating a budget. 

You can download WPS Office from its official website for free. WPS Office suite comes with all necessary office tools, including a Word processor, presentation, spreadsheet, PDF viewer etc. WPS Office is available for all operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android. You can download the WPS Office app for your android phone or tab like Samsung etc., from Play Store.

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