3 Smart Ways to Download Microsoft Excel without Paying A Cent

Do you want to use Microsoft Excel for free? In this article, I will list three simple and easy ways to use Microsoft Excel without paying a cent. Microsoft Excel is the most famous spreadsheet software. It was released in 1985 by Microsoft Corporation. It is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. 

Microsoft Excel is a robust library of business schedules and data analysis tools. You can import, edit and visualize data using charts, graphs, and tables using Excel. Excel is also an excellent utility for personal use. You can use Excel to manage and update your budget. You can also track your expenditures using Excel. It is fantastic software for maintaining a database of any domain. Microsoft Excel is part of Office 365, a paid software suite by Microsoft. But you can also use it as stand-alone software for your daily needs for free. Follow the below steps on using Microsoft Excel for absolutely free.

Use Microsoft Excel for Free Using Online Version

Microsoft offers the online version of Excel for free. You can use Excel for free by using your Microsoft account. Simply go to the official website of Microsoft Office and sign in using your Microsoft account.

If you don’t have a Microsoft account, just click on Sign Up and create a Microsoft account for free. After logging in, you will see all Microsoft web apps, including Word, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Microsoft teams. Click Create in the left pan and then Workbook to start exploring Excel. All your work will be saved to your Microsoft One Drive.

However, keep in mind that the online version of Excel has limited features compared to the desktop version.

Use Microsoft Excel for Free on Android and iOS Devices

You can get Excel for your Android and iOS devices for free. For Android devices like Samsung, simply go to Play Store and download and install the Excel app by Microsoft. The shortcut icon will be created on your home screen. You can get Excel for your iOS devices from Apple App Store.

Excel app has limited features for mobile devices. It can be frustrating while editing your excel files on your mobile phone. However, it is suitable for viewing your excel files when you don’t have access to your desktop PC. You can have a better usability experience while using tablet devices due to their large display compared to mobile phones.

Use Excel for Free Using Office 365 Education Plan

Many educational institutions partner with Microsoft and purchase bulk student and staff licenses. You have free access to all Microsoft Office apps if you are a student or a staff member of an eligible educational institution. 

You simply need an email address provided by your institution. You can get started by inputting your organization email address on Microsoft 365 Education site. You must also verify your email address to use Microsoft Office, including Excel.

Best Solution to Download Excel for Free

Although Microsoft Excel is an excellent app, you can use WPS Office for all your office needs. WPS Office Suite is the best solution to use Excel for free. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and android devices.  WPS Office is also compatible with Microsoft Office files. You can easily open and edit all your MS Office files in WPS Office.

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