How To Display Excel Todays Date On Windows/Mac?

Want to add excel today’s date in Microsoft Office/ Microsoft excel cell/ spreadsheet? Several ways exist to put today’s date in Microsoft Excel. Two different categories of dates exist, one is the static date, and the second one is the dynamic date. 

A static date is a date that cannot change or remains static. No matter if you perform a recalculation or reopen your excel spreadsheet. On the other hand, dynamic excel todays date is the date which changes with time. Each time when you perform a recalculation or reopen your spreadsheet.

Using either of these ways, excel obtains the excel today’s date directly through your computer clock. So before fetching today’s date in excel, ensure the computer system clock has the correct setting.

Using both ways, an option exists to put in excel today’s date in Microsoft Excel (Microsoft office). Wondering how? Continue reading!

Static Excel Todays Date Through Short Key

You first need to open up your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to enter today’s date. You cannot change its value.

Static Excel Todays Date Through Short Key

Now pick up the cell you want to put in today’s date. 

After selecting the cell, press the short key “Ctrl+;” on your keyboard. This way is valid for both Mac and Windows.

Dynamic Excel Todays Date Through Function

Suppose you want to enter the date, so it keeps changing its value to the current date. You want this each time you open your excel spreadsheet or recalculate.

Dynamic Excel Todays Date Through Function

To do this, first, you need to open an excel spreadsheet. Now click on any cell you want to put in the excel todays date.  

Within the cell, enter this function “=Today().” After putting the function in a cell, press enter tab.

Doing this will show up on the current date.

This is true for all time zones. No matter where you send this sheet around the globe. Whenever they open the spreadsheet, their current date will show up.

Tweaking Date Format

If you don’t like the default format of the date, you can change it. In addition, Microsoft Excel allows you to personalize the date format.

Tweaking Date Format

Right-click the cursor anywhere on today’s date cell to accomplish this task. Now select the option “Format Cells” from the drop-down menu.

Go to the section featuring “Type” text. Choose the type of format you desire, and finally, click OK. Now you will see the date in the format you have chosen.


Can I Use WPS Office for Free?

Yes, you can use the WPS office for free. The thing you need to do is just visit their main official page. Then proceed to download. After setting up the membership with WPS, you can use it for free in trial mode.

Do WPS Office Offer Excel or Spreadsheet Service?

You can get and use the WPS Office Excel service for free. Besides that, WPS Office also offers you WPS Word, WPS Powerpoint, and PDF. You can also use these services for free.

Insert Excel Todays Date in Power Packed WPS Office

Following the above short guide, you can put in excel today’s date in your excel spreadsheet. We recommend using a complete power pack WPS office to do this. It contains WPS Word, PPT, and spreadsheets, allowing you to develop custom formulas, graphs, and charts. 

WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft office and allows you to enjoy your docx. In 47 different formats. You can use WPS office on Mac, Windows, Linux, android and iOS. Besides using PS office on mobile, you can work in 46 and w3 languages.

What’s more, downloading this software is entirely free. Another perk you can enjoy is after downloading the free version, you get a chance to become a WPS member. With your membership, you can enjoy free PDF edits and additional perks.

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