How to Set the Date Using Excel Date Formula

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Excel Date Formula 

Excel function for date returns a serial data if you put some date. This formula is categorised as Date/Time Function. It is basically used as a worksheet function(WS). It is quite easy to use date and time. Suppose cell A1 contains the current date entry 9/01/2023, then if you want to know 100 days after the date, then you can easily use the formula =A1+100. 

Formula  :  = DATE(Year,Month,Date)

E.g –  = DATE(2013,05,29)

Syntax of Excel Date Formula

DATE (Year, Month, Day)

Year – It represents the year which you want to store.

Month – It represents the no. of month.

Day – It represents the no. of day in a month which you want to store.

Year – Here excel will interpret the year based on the date system set on your PC/Laptop. In windows, by default 1900 date system is used which means if January 1, 1900 is represented as serial number 1. Suppose you have given a year between 1900 and 9999, excel will use exactly the same value which you will give to it. E.g , Date(2023,01,09)  will return the value January 9th, 2023.

Month – If you add a month digit which is greater than 12, then excel will add the extra number to the first month in the specified year. E.g Date(2015, 15, 05) will return the value March 1, 2016.  

Day – Here we can feed dates as negative or as positive no. and excel will be able to calculate its value based on the same principle discussed above.

Know About Date Formula in Excel

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