How to write paragraphs in excel

In study and business work, we often need to write paragraphs in Microsoft Excel for explanation and description. It is essential to learn to arrange paragraphs neatly in excel, which will affect our reading in many cases. However, the WPS office provides us with free office services which is alternative and compatible. Let’s take a look at how to write paragraphs in excel!

How to make paragraphs in excel

If you want to write paragraphs in excel, there are some steps for you to make it easy with excel:

Step-1: First select your entry cell

Select the cell where you want to write the paragraph in excel. Double-click on the cell to enter edit mode.

Step-2: Type your information

Begin to write. Different from copying, the last step is to reach the end of the cell if you type directly, especially for an organized paragraph.

Step-3: Use the Alt key to enter your information

When you want to wrap a line in a cell, press Alt and Enter at the same time so that you do not mistakenly enter the next cell. This feature can make you write paragraphs in excel more organized and easier to read.

How to copy and paste paragraphs into Excel

If you want to paste a paragraph into an Excel document while also maintaining paragraph breaks, especailly in WPS office, consider the following steps:

Step-1: Prepare your text

Before you copy and paste, format the text in a word processor like Microsoft Word. This will help ensure that the formatting is preserved when pasted into Excel. Make sure to use the proper paragraph breaks as well.

Step-2: Double-click your cell

After you have secured it on your clipboard, open Excel. Quickly double-click on the cell of your choice, and the cell format will be ready before you type it.

Step-3: Paste the information

Paste the information you need, and the cell automatically extends down until it contains all the information below, without expanding to the right and affecting the rest of the content. This is a helpful feature for pasting paragraphs in excel.

If successful, the situation below should appear

How to display a paragraph without affecting its length and width

If you need to display a paragraph that is too long to fit in a single cell without affecting the table’s width, use the Merge Cells function. Here’s how:

Step-1: Box select multiple cells

Click and drag the mouse so that multiple cells are box selected. You need to decide for yourself how many cells your paragraph needs and how many paragragh to write in excel.

Step-2: Right-click and open the option bar

In the options bar, where many functions are located, you need to find the Merge option.

Step-3: Click Merge

After you click Merge, the cells you select are automatically merged, and your information is displayed in the large merged cell. This feature can make paragraphs in excel easier to read and write.

Learn more about How to write paragraphs in excel

Have you ever learned how to write paragraphs in excel? There are many more office-friendly tips in excel that can help you solve problems and increase productivity. If you want to learn more about excel features, you can check out WPS Academy. With WPS Office, you can download the free office suite to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can write paragraghs in excel freely. We provide a large number of users with powerful office services. Download now and have a relaxing and pleasant working experience!

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