Key Excel Functions To Perform Date Analysis Excel?

Date analysis excel demands familiarity with various key Microsoft office excel date functions to achieve success. Knowledge of these functions will put you in severe problems with analysis. 

Therefore this quick guide highlights key Microsoft excel functions to facilitate your date analysis excel process.

Key Tips On Date Analysis Excel

  1. Check If a Particular Date is Past/Future

While performing analysis, you must check if a particular date is past/future. Then you can do this on the go with this formulae:

“=If (this_date=Today(),” Today”, if(this_date < today(),”Past”,”Future”) )”

The function “=Today()” fetches the current date directly through your computer system clock. It helps retrieve todays date.

  1. Access The Total Days Between Two Particular Dates

Sometimes you need help calculating the days between a series of dates. This is true when you have to do this with many dates. 

You can use the date subtraction function to evaluate total days: 

Access The Total Days Between Two Particular Dates


  1. Autofill Weekdays

When you must put date series within the spreadsheet, you first add a few dates with the desired sequence or period. After that, you usually select the series and drag them from the small + button sign to fill in the number of cells you want.

When you need to enter just weekdays, something else is needed. For that, you can use the Auto Fill option. To do this, select the series and click on the drop-down. This will open up a menu where you can choose autofill days, weekdays, etc.

  1. Conditional Formatting For Weekend Highlight

Regarding project reports or plans, it may require you to highlight the weekend. To do this, you can follow this method.

You can assess if a particular day is a weekend or not. You can use these formulae:

“=weekday(this_date,2)>5 as weekday() returns 6 for saturday and 7 for sunday”

Conditional Formatting For Weekend Highlight

You can use the same logic when highlighting hours through conditional formatting.

  1. Date Analysis Excel Addition/Subtraction

In dates, analysis excels. You often need to add or subtract the dates. Since date are mere numbers, you can subtract them or add them by following these functions:



In addition, you can add the number of days to any date. This will give you the end date. Similarly, using the above functions, you can add or subtract any dates you want.

  1. Validating the Dates

By sharing the spreadsheet, you can prevent anyone from putting in only valid dates by restriction. For this, you can utilize cell data validation. To do this, follow these steps: pick up the cell where you want to apply this restriction. Then go to the data ribbon and later to validation. Now set the type as “Date.” Later specify the criteria. 

For instance, you can restrict someone to enter the date only from 2021. In addition, an option exists to display messages to avoid confusion.


Where To Get Free Excel Version?

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What Is The Process To Get a Free Excel Version?

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