How can we set page border in excel?

Today is an era inseparable from information and data. People need to use computers for office work more and more time. When we use WPS Excel or Micsoft Excel for office work, do you know the various skills of WPS Excel or Micsoft Excel? This is a compatible software that we can use according to our own needs for free. And many functions are alternative. This article will share with you how to set page border in Microsoft Excel. After reading this article, based on the understanding of how to set page border in Excel, you can know more about Microsoft and WPS Office and be more interested in the use of WPS Office.

So how to set page border in excel? The next context will show how to set page border in Microsoft Excel clearly. 

  1. First of all, let’s edit the text content required in excel before set page border.

2. Select the text area that needs to be bordered.

3. Click “Home” at the top of the page.

4. Click the “All Borders” icon.

5. Choose a border which you want.

6. Finally you will already set page border in excel.

After setting page border, how to change the style of the border?

  1. You can select the last option “More Borders” in “All Borders”.
  1. Then you can change the color of the border, the line thickness of the border, and the style of the border on this page.

Through the above explanation, you must have learned how to set the page border in Microsoft Excel. In fact, the functions of Excel are far more than these. Excel is essentially spreadsheet software. The software is composed of a series of rows and columns, forming a network. A grid is a cell, and a cell can store: text, numerical values, formulas, and other elements. Excel uses built-in functions to perform calculations, analysis, and other operations on the data stored in cells. There are some advantages about Excel:

Data Storage:

There are many unprocessed original records in the work. These records and materials lack organization and classification, and cannot clearly represent the meaning of food. If the data is scattered and isolated, it must be sorted out to gain insight into the information behind it.

Data analysis:

For the stored data, it is necessary to perform data analysis and extract information. There are many analysis tools built in Excel: for example: use the Excel PivotTable to quickly generate various information reports for the data list. We analyze the data and can also analyze the data Sort, filter, subtotal, utilize conditional formatting, and more.

Data calculation:

The calculation function is the biggest feature of Excel. In addition to performing routine calculations, you can also use Excel’s built-in powerful functions. Functions are pre-defined functional modules that can operate according to certain calculation rules. In the [Formula] tab of Excel, there are various function classifications: mathematical and trigonometric functions, date and time functions, engineering functions, financial functions, information functions, logical functions, query, and reference functions, statistical functions, text functions, database functions and other functions. Functions can perform various complex calculations, and use the combination and nesting of different functions to complete routine calculation tasks in most fields. Excel’s built-in functions can meet the calculation data requirements of various industries such as financial services, education, technology, manufacturing, and services.

Presenting data with graphs:

Charts can focus more on displaying data, making the data more intuitive and convincing. In various reports and explanatory documents, using intuitive charts to display data is one of the most concise and reliable ways. Excel has built-in many types of charts, which can help users quickly create various charts.

Through the above analysis, everyone must have a preliminary understanding of how to set page border in excel. Through learning how to set page border, we can also find that WPS Office not only has Excel services, but also has multi-faceted applications such as Document, PDF, and Presentation. The office convenience provided by WPS Office is obvious to all, please download WPS Office and apply it!

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