How to use excel formulas correctly and quickly

Nowadays, with all kinds of financial and business information digitized, it is very important to use Excel formulas correctly and quickly . Excel formula is a kind of digital code that can be compatible with most office software to help us better complete the offices. So how can we choose the right alternative of formulas in the Microsoft? Just read this article and you will find answer!

Therefore, to understand the formula structure and model becomes a necessary skill for business people. Fortunately, we can use Microsoft Excel tables to solve various business problems freely and conveniently.

Understand what is the excel formula in Microsoft

In the form documents of WPS Office, we can see that excel formulas are actually electronic formulas that can be used in excel tables by programming common financial logic, basic mathematics and other formulas.

How to use the excel formulas in the Microsoft.

As we can see in this picture, excel formulas start with an equal sign. So, how do you select the excel formulas you need, or how do you look at all the excel formulas to select. In the Microsoft we can open and select the excel formula we need in two ways.

The first way to use the formulas in the Microsoft:

Step 1: Click the “formulas” above the Microsoft and click the category based on the formulas you need. For example, if I need to calculate the formulas in the “Financial” category, click “Financial”.

Step 2: If the formula I need is to find “Future value”, click on the financial category, find “FV” and Click on “FV” and then start using the excel formula for future value.

Step 3: In the end, as shown in the picture, and we can get the desired result by simply entering the corresponding data, as all excel formulas mentioned above include the equal sign.

More easy way to use the excel formulas in Microsoft:

Step 1: The second method will be much easier than the first, simply by clicking f (x) on the page after opening the new form, you can directly open the formula and select the options.

Step 2: When clicked, all available category formulas show on the screen automatically.

If you’re not sure what category of formula you want but you can’t find the answer in the browser, then how do you handle it?

Just click “all” to see all of the formula alternatives, then you can easily find out and select the formula you want.

What should you do if you find that the excel formula doesn’t give you the right answer as you expected?

We freely can go back to step 1 of the first method where we see error checking in the upper right corner, clicking on this method automatically checks for errors in the formula. In addition, there are a lot of formulas in excel and many shortcuts such as F1, F4, F9 and so on. By using these shortcuts in the calculation process, problems can be solved more quickly.

The last is the most common way for beginners to insert a formula, directly by entering the formula you need and remind you to input the equals sign, because all excel formulas start with the equals sign.

Learn more about how to use the formulas in Excel

In fact, the formulas in Miscrosoft excel have been basically introduced. Have you understood how to correctly find the formulas you need in miscrosoft and calculate them quietly? In fact, these formulas of Microsoft can also be used in another office software.

Then WPS Office is a comprehensive professional office software, it not only has all the functions of Microsoft, at the same time its interface is more brief and convenient. Most important it is free for ordinary edition

If you want to know more about the usage mode and operation of WPS, you can freely download the WPS Office application program for free or refer to the WPS electronic manual.

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