All You Need to Know about Microsoft Windows Defender

Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus is an antivirus software designed by Microsoft to safeguard Windows systems. It scans, identifies, and eliminates viruses, spyware, and malware, assisting in protecting the operating system.

Previously known as Microsoft AntiSpyware and Microsoft Windows Defender, the program was based on GIANT AntiSpyware, which Microsoft purchased on December 16, 2004. It was initially made available on October 24, 2006.

How to Download, Install, Remove, and Reinstall Microsoft Windows Defender

Method 1: Update Windows OS Microsoft Windows Defender

You can update Windows 11/10 to the most recent version to see if Windows Defender returns.

Click Start -> Settings -> Upgrade & Security (Privacy & Security) -> Windows Update -> Check for updates to update your system. On Windows 10/11, you may also use this method to upgrade Microsoft Windows Defender to the most recent full version.

Method 2: Download and Install Microsoft Windows Defender Manually

  • On your Windows machine, launch Microsoft Store. To launch the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. You may also access the Microsoft Store app by pressing Windows + S, searching for it in the search bar, and then clicking it.
  • You may search for Microsoft Windows Defender Preview in the Microsoft Store and then select the Microsoft Defender Preview app.
  • To download Microsoft Defender for Windows 10 or 11, click the Get or the Get in Store app button.

Method 3: Locate Third-Party Windows Defender Download Websites

You may also obtain Microsoft Windows Defender from trustworthy third-party sources, but you should choose whether the Windows Defender download provider is responsible.

How to Enable Microsoft Windows Defender 

Microsoft Defender is automatically included with Windows 10. Still, if your computer is associated with a group or organisation (e.g. through your workplace), you may need to verify that Microsoft Defender is enabled on your device.

1. On your Windows computer, click the Start button

2. Type group policy in the search bar.

3. Click Edit Group Policy.

4. Click Computer Configuration and then click Administrative Templates.

5. Click Windows components, and then select Microsoft Defender Antivirus

6. Scroll to the bottom of the list and find Disable Microsoft Windows Defender Antivirus. Click Disabled or Not configured (depending on what is shown on your device). While this may seem counterintuitive, you are on the right track.

7. Click Apply and then click OK.

What Does Microsoft Windows Defender Do

Unless another antivirus is active, Windows Security contains Microsoft Defender Antivirus software, which protects your Microsoft device and data against viruses, ransomware, malicious software, and other malware.

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