All You Need to Know about Microsoft Office Mac OS

Microsoft Office Mac OS is compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (and on your iPad or iPhone). However, you need to do more than install the necessary application and start typing. You must decide if you want to subscribe or buy the complete version altogether. You must choose whether you require all of the applications or only one. Additionally, you must decide which type of subscription is a reception plan.

The Office apps can be installed on your Mac in various ways. In this comprehensive guide to purchasing Microsoft Office Mac OS, we’ll assist you in determining which edition of Office is best for you.

Look at our articles on the Best Word Processors for Mac and the Best Email programmes for Mac if you need help deciding whether to go with the Microsoft Office software or other free or less expensive alternatives.

How to Buy Microsoft Office Mac OS

There are various methods for purchasing Microsoft Office Mac OS. Microsoft 365 is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, or you can buy the programme.

The most recent version of Office for Mac may be purchased through a Microsoft 365 subscription for as little as $6.99/£5.99 per month or $69.99/£59.99 per year. If you subscribe, you can continuously receive the most recent software updates without repurchasing the entire programme or suite. In April 2020, the service, formerly Office 365, changed its name to Microsoft 365. The costs stayed the same despite the name change and other upgrades at that time.

You’ll be happy to know that Microsoft still sells and updates the Office 2021 suite if you want to avoid joining up for a subscription and would instead buy the software outright. Office Home & Student 2021 is the most recent version of Office for Mac that is available to home customers ($149.99/£119.99). Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are included.

For families and small businesses that require Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, there is also Office Home & Business 2021 ($249.99/£249.99). In our article about the most recent version of Office, you can read more about Microsoft Office Mac OS 2021.

Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac 2021 is available at significant discounts. Normally $249, it is now $49.99 at the Macworld Shop.

Microsoft provides Office LTSC as well (Long Term Servicing Channel). On Microsoft’s website, go here for instructions on how to update to that. Updates are sent to Microsoft 365 subscribers each month (though organisational subscriptions can choose to upgrade user accounts semi-annually, every January and July).

What is the Latest Version of Microsoft Office for Mac

If you buy the software outright the latest version is Office 2021.

Your copy of Office will be frequently updated with new features if you subscribe to Microsoft 365. You can check the most recent version and the newest features on Microsoft’s website. For instance, Microsoft expanded the Power Query Editor’s data access capabilities in May 2022.

Both full versions receive security and performance updates. You can find details of the latest version on Microsoft’s website:

Download WPS Office: Best Alternative to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Mac OS is an all-in-one office suite that is compact, packed with features, and highly compatible. However, WPS Office Suite is a comprehensive office suite that covers all the basics – Word Processor, Presentation Maker, and Spreadsheet Editor. It provides powerful tools to help you manage your business with ease. It includes advanced features such as document comparison and secure file sharing, allowing you to collaborate with colleagues and clients easily.

WPS Office Suite helps users save valuable time by simplifying their day-to-day tasks. With unique templates and design tools, it’s easy to quickly create professional and stylish spreadsheets, presentations, and spreadsheets.

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