All You Need to Know about Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

Today’s technology has made significant strides toward bridging the gap between Windows and Mac apps, particularly in the enterprise. However, for others, there is still a gap that necessitates using a bridge to move across computer systems.

The Microsoft Remote Desktop mac connection has proven to be a reliable tool for Mac users. It is now available through the Mac App Store and allows users to remotely connect to a Windows desktop to access local files, apps, and network resources.

Steps to Install Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac

Step 1:

To begin using Microsoft Remote Desktop, you must first full download it from the Apple App Store. In your dock, click the blue “App Store” icon.

Step 2:

Once you’ve opened the Mac App Store, type “Microsoft Remote Desktop mac” into the search bar at the top right of the screen. What you’re looking for should be the top search result. Click the blue “Get” button to start the download. Because this software is free, no pricing will be mentioned.

Step 3:

After that, launch the application by clicking on the grey “Launchpad” icon and the Remote Desktop app icon. You may also utilise the searchlight function by clicking the looking glass at the top right of your home screen or typing “Microsoft Remote Desktop” into the shortcut Command + Space Bar.

Step 4:

If you intend to use this remote desktop connection regularly, now is an excellent time to add it to your dock. Right-click (control + click) on the icon, then hover your cursor over “Options” and select “Keep in Dock.” You won’t have to look for the symbol whenever you need to utilize it.

Step 5

You’ll need to allow remote access on your target PC at this point. The quickest approach to accomplish this on a Windows system is to search for “Allow remote access to your computer” and click on it when it appears. This step may necessitate the use of an administrator password. You should notice “Remote Desktop” in the “System Properties” box, and the button labeled “Allow remote connections to this computer” should be selected.

Step 6:

Following that, you must specify which users can access the microsoft remote desktop mac connection. Now, look for the word “System” and click on it when it appears. Turn off the target PC’s hibernation and sleep settings, as you won’t be able to access it remotely if you do.

Step 7:

While you’re still in “System,” get your entire PC name if you don’t already have it, since you’ll need it to set up the connection. Click “Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings” to identify and jot down the PC name.

Step 8:

Return to your Mac and select the “New” option in the top left corner of the Microsoft Remote Desktop mac screen. You’ll be asked to fill out a slew of forms.

Finally, enter the PC name (which you noted before) or the IP address so your microsoft remote desktop Mac knows where to look for your PC. The following line allows you to set up a Gateway, enabling you to connect to virtual or session-based desktops on your company’s network. Type in your credentials and domain, and secure your printers. Check with your system administrator to check whether a gateway is available.

When you’re done setting up your remote desktop, click the red close button in the upper left corner of the dialog box, and your new remote desktop will be added. To initiate a session using that desktop, simply double-click it. You can also buy the software as well. 

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