Choosing the Best Microsoft Word Resume Template

Your resume is the first thing your potential employer will look at when you apply for a job. As they say, first impressions matter; you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. So it is essential to captivate your recruiter within their first glance at your resume. 

You can do this using a resume template which gives your document a professional touch, thereby impressing hiring managers. While this is optional, selecting a simple Microsoft Word resume template could make all the difference, especially for job seekers who are not gurus in graphics.

However, if graphic design is your forte, you might as well create a customized resume putting your skills to work. 

That said, there are a few things you should look out for when selecting the ideal Microsoft Word resume template for your bio and background. 

Benefits of Using a Microsoft Word Resume Template 

Many may argue that modern Microsoft Word resume templates lack originality and lower your chances of landing your dream job. Arguably, recruiters may know these resume formats all too well, as there’s a high probability yours might be similar to somebody else’s.  

Nevertheless, some articulacy is presented in resume templates. Let’s see how.

They save you time

You can send out job application resumes faster while editing a template than when having to start from scratch. This way, you cover a wider demographic of recruiters in a short while and increase your odds of securing a job. 

Hiring managers don’t mind the templates

Experienced employers understand how reliable resume templates are and make their work of reviewing easier. 

Templates keep your from forgetting important sections 

You are more likely to include all necessary resume sections when using a template than creating one from scratch. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Microsoft Word Resume Template

Job type

The role you are applying for should influence your choice of template. A design-centered job’s resume is different from an administrative role. 

Resume format 

Microsoft Word resume templates for college students just entering the workforce differ from professionals with many years of experience. Your resume format should also be determined by the type of job you’re applying for. 

The following formats dominate the market. 

Chronological resume format 

This format lists experiences and education accomplishments in a chronological order – the most recent at the top. 

Functional resume format

The design of this format focusses on a candidate’s skills and goals, which come at the top of the document. Education and work history are in the later sections. 

Hybrid resume format 

It combines chronological and functional formats. Skills and professional qualifications appear at the top and are listed chronologically. 

Objective of your resume

The template you choose should highlight the goal of your resume. For instance, someone applying for a promotion would prefer a chronological template format. 

Resume layout

It is important to research whether the company you are applying for embraces a creative layout or is more inclined to traditional layouts and designs. Remember, the goal is to land your dream job, so whatever it takes to impress. 

Where to Find Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates 

You can find some of the best 2023 Microsoft Word resume templates on Reddit. These resume templates are also convenient for engineering students. 

What is the Best Alternative to Microsoft Word Resume Templates

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