Guidance on Buying Windows 11 Microsoft

Since its launch in 2021, Microsoft has been polishing Windows 11 to motivate millions of users to endorse the new upgrade. Loyal Microsoft users are now bargaining with the million dollar question; is it time to buy the Windows 11 Microsoft version? 

Well, the Windows 11 version matches macOs and ChromeOS slickness, from the interphase to the design, performance enhancement, and features. Representing the world’s dominant operating system, Microsoft was sure to integrate device linking in the new Windows 11, a perk Windows users could not enjoy with previous versions. Below are some benefits why you should be considering upgrading and buying Windows 11 Microsoft. 

Is It Worth Buying Windows 11 Microsoft ?

One thing is for sure, Microsoft has outdone herself in creating a completely new version with Windows 11. Whether you a former Windows 10 user or completely new to Windows OS, here are some of the features you will find in Windows 11:

Design and interface 

As mentioned above, Windows 11 users can now brag of the clean, slick interface Mac users enjoy with rounded corners, centered Taskbar and Start button, and pastel shades. But you can still move the Taskbar to the left according to your preference. 

Android apps support

Right from the new Microsoft store, Windows 11 users can directly download Android apps on their PC from the Amazon Appstore. After installing them, they are automatically integrated into the Start menu and will appear on the Taskbar like any Windows app. 


Widgets are a customizable feature that slides from the taskbar showing information such as news, weather forecast, calendar, to-do lists, e.t.c. In Windows 11, widgets can be accessed directly from the Taskbar and customized to a user’s liking. 

Teams integration 

Microsoft Teams is now easier to access from Windows 11 Taskbar – similar to FaceTime in macOS. If you don’t already have it on your PC, download and install Teams, and you will access it by clicking the Chat icon in the Taskbar. 

Snap Groups and Layouts

These are convenience features Windows users have been waiting for an eternity. With Windows 11, you can now work on multiple windows and arrange them on your screen in your preferred layout, thanks to Snap Layouts. Additionally, you can easily group a collection of open windows and have them sit on the Taskbar to switch tasks through Snap Groups easily. 

Can You Buy Windows 11 Microsoft for Free?

As a Windows user, you can easily download the full Microsoft Windows 11 version online and upgrade your OS. This free Microsoft Windows 11 download can be completed through a clean installation – wiping out all your data or having an in-place upgrade. 

Alternatively, you can wait for Microsoft to automatically push the Windows 11 upgrade while performing the periodical Windows update, but this might take a while. This can only happen if your device is compatible and running the latest version of Windows 10.

Err…Windows 11 has quite a handful of compatibility requirements. 

However, if you don’t already have a Windows operating system on your device, you will need to buy Windows 11 Microsoft full license/ product key from Microsoft. 

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