How to convert text to numbers in excel online, 2016 and 2019

In Excel, we can convert text to numbers in a variety of methods.

  • Using the Excel function to quickly convert text to numbers.
  • Use a unique cell formatting technique.
  • The Text to Column Technique.
  • The VALUE function is utilized.

Using the Excel option to quickly convert text to numbers:

It is most likely Excel’s easiest method. The apostrophe (‘) is frequently used before inputting numbers in Excel.

  1. We must choose the data first.
  • In order to convert the error to a number, we must first click on the error handle box and choose that choice.
  • The text-formatted values would instantaneously be converted to number format as a result, and the SUM function would now function properly and display an exact result.

How to use Paste Special Cell Formatting Method in excel:

Let’s try a different method for converting the text to numbers now. The Paste Special technique is being used in this case. Think about the same information we did in the last case once more.

  1. The first step is to enter either 0 or 1 in any one cell.
  • We must right away copy that number. (In cell C2, we’ve typed the number 1)
  • We must now choose the numbers list.
  • In order to use Excel’s shortcut key for the paste special technique, we must now press ALT + E + S. That will display the dialogue box below. Decide on multiplying. (We can attempt to split as well.)
  • As a result, the text would be quickly converted to numbers, and the SUM formula is currently operating as intended.

Using the text to column method in excel:

The final technique for turning text to numbers is this one. Although it takes a little longer than the first two, it is always a good idea to have options.

  1. We must choose the data first.
  • The “Data” tab and the “Text to Columns” option must be selected.
  • It will consequently activate the dialogue box below and make sure “Delimited” is chosen. On the “Next button,” click.
  • Clicking the “Next” button after making sure the “Tab” box is ticked is required.
  • The “General” option must be chosen, the destination cell must be chosen, and the “Finish” button must be clicked in the following window.
  • As a result, text would be converted to numbers, and SUM might now function.

Note: This above written article is an attempt to show you how to convert text to numbers in excel online, 2016 and 2019, in both windows and mac.

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