How to convert the image to a word document on desktop and mobile devices

During your work or study, you sometimes encounter the need to convert a non-editable picture into editable Word documents. Under such circumstances, having a file format converter becomes an urgent need.

Thankfully, the latest version of WPS has the feature of converting the image to a word document, which can read text from the image and save it as a Word document. So how can we convert an image into a Word document? In light of the fact that a majority of clients access WPS through their desktop or mobile devices, we will provide instructions for desktop and mobile users.

How to convert the image to a word document on desktop devices

Step-1: Open WPS Writer on desktop

Open WPS Writer (Word Processor) on your desktop device and create a new word document.

Step-2: Click on Insert Menu and select “Picture

Click on “Insert” in the top menu on your word document, and select “Picture” to insert the image you want to convert.

There are two options for you after clicking the “Picture” Button. Select OCR Method on the right-hand side to efficiently convert the image to a word document.

Step-3: OCR Procedures

After selecting OCR, click on the “Add Pictures” button to insert your image. A dialog box will appear on your right with three options. You can choose “Extract text only” if you want to extract the text in the image without keeping the original text format. For those who already have WPS Office memberships, you can choose “Convert to Word” to retain the original text format when extracting the text in the image.

Steo-4: Edit your word document

Upon completion of the OCR process, the converted text will be displayed in a new window. You can edit the text if necessary and save it as a Word document on your desktop.

How to convert the image to a word document on mobile devices

Step-1: Open your WPS Office App

Open and log in to WPS Office on your mobile phone.

Step-2: Click on “Tools” and “Scanner”

Use the “Tools” option at the bottom of your WPS App. Select the “Scanner” tool to convert your image into a word document.

Step-3: Scanner Procedure

On your mobile device, you can select a desired image or take a picture of what you want to convert into a word document by clicking on the “Scanner” tool.

You can select a specified area using the dots. When you are done with the process, click on the check mark at the bottom of the right to convert the image to a Word document.

Step-4: Edit your word document

Once the scanning process has been completed, the converted text will be displayed. If necessary, you can edit the text and save it as a Word document on your mobile device.

Using Tips

  1. Make sure you save the converted word document file in case it is lost or needs to be reworked.
  2. It is better if you are a Premium WPS member so that you can extract the text from the image and maintain its original format with fewer errors.
  3. The image supports PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, and other image format types.

FAQ about the function

Are the functions and procedures listed above all free?

No. The basic functions listed above can be realized. However, some procedures in the OCR are not free, like maintaining its original format in the image. You need to make sure that you have a Premium WPS Account. We recommend you become a Premium WPS Member to improve your working experience.

How can I download WPS Office on my desktop and mobile devices?

You can click “Free Download” to choose the corresponding download paths based on your device. For desktop devices, WPS supports Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. In terms of mobile devices, WPS supports Android and IOS systems. If you own an Android Phone, make sure that you have already installed Google Play on it.

Learn more about how to convert the image to a word document

You can easily convert images to word documents with this article. So, have you learned about it? If you want to know more about the features, you can follow WPS Academy to learn.

You can also download WPS Office to edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for free. Download now! And enjoy an easy and enjoyable working experience. Share your views in the comment section below!

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