How to delete the whole page in word document

Nowdays, we usually need to use various office software to assist us in our work or study. Among these convenient tools, word document is the most commonly used one. Have you ever met these kinds of situation when you use word document? 1.You found there’s an extra blank page at the end of your document which can not be deleted by using Backspace key. 2. Sometimes you can not delete page in word document directly because of some hidden marks ? 3. You want to delete page in word document which full of words but it’s too slow to delete words one by one. Here I’ll show you some methods to solve problems in these three scenarios.

Let’s begin with the easiest one.

How to delete page in word in the easiest way.

In this scenario you probably just want to delete a blank page. In this step you should not use functions in word document. You should just use your keyboard.

Step-1: Put the cursor on the first line of a blank page.

Step-2: Find the “Delete” key at the top left corner on your keyboard. Press the delete key and then you delete page in word document successfully.

How to delete page in word document when “Delete” key become useless.

In this case, you should make sure whether there are some hidden marks on the previous page or not. If there’s a hidden marks you should delete it first.

Step-1: Click the Home tab, and then click the tab of Show/hide edit tags.

Step-2: May be you will find marks on the previews page.

Place the cursor before the page break, and then press the delete key(Same steps as in the previous scenario).

How to delete page in word which full of words

This approach is appropriate for the situation that you want to delete both page and words in it.

Step-1: Place the cursor at the top of the full text.

Press the shift key on your keyboard and at the same time move your cursor to the end of the text, and then you can select all content of this page.

Step-2: As you select all content of this page you can press delete key directly, and then you finish delete process.

Using tips

  1. If you can not delete page in word document directly, remember to check hidden marks.
  2. You should delete hidden marks before your operation.
  3. “Shift” key can help you select all content in one step.


  1. Q: How to insert pictures into word document?

A: Click insert tab —— Picture —— From files in your computer

  1. Q: How to adjust magines of pages?

A: Click “Page layout” tab —— Margines —— you can choose default options and you can also choose “custom margines” and adjust data yourself.

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