Ways to Get a Free Microsoft Office Certification

Getting a free Microsoft Office Certification is always a good feeling for the individual and a way to demonstrate one’s skills and mastery of a particular technology. Microsoft offers a pool of popular technologies in demand widely used in many industries. Certification in a specific technology is a precious addition to your profile.

How Do I Get a Free Microsoft Office Certification?

  • Participation in Microsoft’s free training days.
  • Participation and success in the Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skill Challenge.
  • Membership & Billing Challenge Microsoft for beginners 30 days to get a 50% discount.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at each of these options:

1. Participation in free Microsoft training days

Microsoft conducts training programs on various technologies in different time zones throughout the year.

Registering for and completing this training will make you eligible for a free online certification.

Microsoft offers training on Azure, business applications, Microsoft 365, and security. You can sign up for and attend relevant training based on your ​​expertise and interests.

2. Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge Participation and Success:

This is another way to participate, take the Microsoft Challenge and apply for a free Microsoft Office Certification.

This is a limited-time challenge announced by Microsoft. The following Microsoft ignite Cloud Skills Challenge is worth registering for this event; if you complete the challenge within 30 days, you can earn a free Microsoft Office Certification. You must select a challenge from the challenge list to receive free Microsoft Office Certification.

3. Microsoft 30-Day Challenge (50% free Microsoft office Certification Exam)

This is another way to get a 50% free Microsoft office Certification exam by completing the challenge within 30 days.

You must choose one of the available challenges:

You must select one of the known challenges:

  • Azure Virtual Desktop Basics Programming
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure AI Basics Build
  • apps with Microsoft Graph
  • Microsoft 365 developers Azure infrastructure design solutions Developer
  • Azure
  • Java developers on Azure
  • Power Platform app builder
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Azure Data Analyst Azure Synapse analytics 

We all know the value of Microsoft Office suites. Free Microsoft Office certification is a fantastic skill. I hope this article is helpful to you!!! Try to make the most of these free certification options which are near to you!!

Your suggestions are welcome!!

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