How to Add or Change Themes in Microsoft PowerPoint?

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most popular presentation software tools, and millions worldwide use it. Its user-friendly interface is ideal for everyone, from students to professionals and businesses. One great feature that Microsoft PowerPoint offers users is the ability to customize presentations using themes. Here’s a guide how you can add or change themes in Microsoft PowerPoint: 

Open A Presentation That You Wish to Customize 

The first step in customizing a presentation with themes is to open the file containing your slides. Once you have opened your presentation, click on the Design tab from the main menu. This will bring up a list of the available themes at the top right corner of your workspace. 

Browse through Themes 

The theme library is full of different theme categories for each version of Microsoft PowerPoint. When deciding on a theme for your presentation, make sure that you consider what type of information you wish to highlight during your presentation as well as any images or videos that might appear in slides.

Customize Your Selected Theme 

Once you have selected a theme, you may refine it by adding changes in both font and color schemes inside each slide’s background settings. Changing font sizes, adding gradients, etc., can all be done within these menu items, allowing further manipulation and customization than just plain default templates. Leaving out applied themes could result in too striking patterns or an otherwise bland look. 

Add Effects through Layouts

Finally, apply various effects with layouts, such as transitions between slides using animations, adding specialized title slides using master layouts, etc., to enhance visual appeal even further. However, effects should generally be minimal until fully familiarized with their impact on audience engagement and showcase flow quality.

Use Built-in SmartArt Graphics

Using built-in SmartArt graphics in Microsoft PowerPoint allows users to convey data with style and clarity without having formal graphics material design skills or knowledge. These charts provide visually appealing PNG alternatives such as process diagrams, relationship diagrams, flowcharts, etc., which can take raw data and turn it into something eye-catching.

Save Your Theme with A New Name 

Once you’ve created a custom-made theme for yourself in Microsoft PowerPoint, remember to save it so you can reuse it again when required. This way, all edited properties components will automatically apply each time when your template is reused.

Microsoft PowerPoint Themes – Best Choice

Microsoft PowerPoint allows users to customize their presentations using various themes and features. However, I recommend you try WPS Office to create your presentations. WPS Office Suite is the best solution for all of your office needs. It also includes a PDF reader. Using the WPS Presentation app, you can create, modify, design, and customize your assignment presentation. WPS Office is compatible with Microsoft Office. You can easily open your MS PowerPoint slides in WPS Presentation.

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