The Ultimate Guide: Adding Animations & Microsoft PowerPoint Icons to Enhance Your Presentation

Making an impressive PowerPoint presentation is like making a grand entrance into the limelight. The attention to detail is greatly appreciated, and most importantly, it’s memorable. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to correctly add animations and Microsoft PPT icons to enhance your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. We’ll go over the steps you need to take and suggest how they can be used effectively. So let’s get started.

Select Animations in Microsoft PowerPoint

The first step to adding animations to your presentation is finding all the animation options. To do so, select any object you want to animate by clicking it once or double-clicking it if it’s text or shape you want to animate. On the Animation tab on the Ribbon bar, click on the ‘Animations’ group and look for dropdown menus that show various options for types of animation effects, duration (speed) and delay (start time). You can also preview the effect of those animations before applying them to an object.

Insert Microsoft PPT Icons into Your Presentation

In prior versions of MS Office Applications such as Word or Excel, users had an option under the ‘Insert’ tab called ‘Shapes’, which allowed people to insert various shape templates, but this feature was missing from PowerPoint until now. 

With new updates of MS Office applications, users have access right at their fingertips to an extensive catalog of Microsoft PPT icons utilizing the Shapes dropdown menu under Insert Tab. By hovering over the shapes tab, they will find numerous bitmap and png format images in many categories like symbol images, buttons etc., from which they can choose respective Microsoft PPT icons for their slides.

Add Custom Animations

If you find none of the pre-existing animations and Microsoft PPT icons options satisfactory to your requirement, you can always use custom animations and Microsoft PPT icons within PowerPoint. Under the ‘Animation’ pane or menu bar, select the ‘Custom Animation” tool, using which the administrator can create his very own animations with settings including speed, duration, i.e., start and finish method along with its direction and more based upon need just like any other existing animation tool within GUI has offered.

Suggestions on Using Animations and Microsoft PPT Icons

Now that we know how to properly utilize Microsoft PPT icons and animations within Powerpoint let us discuss some tips and tricks for their practical use. 

Use the Animations folder and load the required effects per the scenario, then apply them manually onto objects in sequence (either selected or all one after the other). Additionally, a custom auxiliary segment may also be created if the needed outlook is something extra adventurous instead of what is seen now in widespread stuff.

Microsoft PPT Icons – Wrap Up

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