How to delete a page break in Word?

Are you worried about how to delete a page break in word? Well, at the end of this guide, the frustration will definitely be eliminated. There are numerous options you can pursue if you want to get rid of a page break. There are methods that are more straightforward, whereas some will require you to modify the page break settings so that you don’t alter the format of your word document. But you shouldn’t worry about it. This guide will provide all the steps necessary to remove page breaks in word.

But it is also necessary for you to know that there are different types of page breaks. When you are typing, add automatically adds a page break before you get to the next page. But you can also add a page break manually by pressing ctrl + enter. Many people only use the function to add a new page, but they don’t know that it also creates a page break. Furthermore, the process of deleting an automatic page break varies from the process of deleting a manual page break. However, you still need to learn both just in case find yourself being frustrated by both.

How to delete a manual page break in work

Deleting a manual page break is simpler compared to an automatic one. On the Home tab, there is a paragraph column; navigate and find the paragraph icon and click it. Paragraph symbols will appear throughout your document. Go to the last paragraph of your page and look for a line with page break written on it. Select is and hit delete on the keyboard. Then press ctrl + shift + 8 to hide the paragraph symbols.

How to delete an automatic page break in word

Deleting automatic page breaks is a bit complex. Nonetheless, it is not impossible. Open the layout tab and click paragraph settings on the paragraph column. Go to the line and page breaks tab and click keep lines together, then press ok. This option will ensure that the paragraph is not divided into two pages. Well, as you might have noticed, it doesn’t directly involve pressing the delete button. But it still gets the job done.

How to delete a page break in word 2016

Sometimes when you are typing and you realize that you are running out of pages, you might find yourself adding a new page by clicking Ctrl + enter. What many people do not know is that those two function keys create a manual page break. So, sometimes the page break could be interfering with your word document’s flow, and you have to remove it. The process is quite simple. Just tap ctrl + shift + 8 to show the page break line and paragraph marks. It will appear as a dotted line with page break written in the middle. Highlight it and tap delete.

Final word

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