How to get and edit a complete certificate template in Word

Before starting how do you get and edit a completion certificate template word, we first discuss briefly what is a competition certificate and why a completion certificate is important.


First of all, you need to know that a completion certificate is totally different from a warranty or guarantee. It is a legal certificate, which is issued by the company to the contractor after completion of work. This certificate of completion means the housing project or the construction project is completed. Firstly, authorities inspect and satisfy that this building is completed by the project plan then they awarded the certificate of completion.

This certificate is essential to assure the supply of basic comforts such as water, electricity and drainage system. A builder gives guardianship to the buyer after the certificate of completion.


Once the housing project is complete and you get the completion certificate so it is advised for you that keep your completion certificate in a safe place, if possible, you should keep it with your property documents. A certificate of completion is important because whenever you sell your property you will be asked if any changes have been made. After completion of construction work, it is important that the builder has a completion certificate too. A certificate of completion is important for all commercial, industrial and residential.


You can get a certificate of completion template from the WPS Office. WPS has many beautiful completion certificate templates.

 You can get a certificate of completion template from word or you can also get a certificate of completion template word from google. I’ll tell you how you get a certificate of completion template word via google.

Open ‘Google’ on your laptop. Search ‘WPS Office completion certificate’. You’ll see lots of certificates of completion template word.

Click any template that you like. The template will be open in a new tab. Select the “Edit in Browser” option. 

After clicking this certificate template will open to edit.

You can edit it here. You don’t need to save it. It’ll save automatically.

But if you want to edit it on a desktop and want to save it on your desktop You can edit it on the desktop by clicking on the “Edit on desktop app” option which is the present top right side of yours. When you click ‘Edit in desktop app’, a small window will open. Which have two options. Select “Yes, Open Now”.

This certificate of completion template will open in WPS Office. Fill it with your details.

Save it after editing. Select the ‘Menu’ option, and choose ‘Save As’ in the drop-down menu. A new window will appear, write document name and save.

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