How to insert a cover page in Word?

Word has several features that help you make your documents look beautiful and more attractive. You can change your word document’s appearance using different 3D models, animations, charts, colors, graphs, fonts, page layout, shapes, styles, and much more. When you want to write, edit or format assignments, notes or reports, the best platform to use is word. One outstanding feature you can use to make your work more attractive is inserting a word cover page.

A word cover page is the highlight of your document. This page contains the title of your work and other important information such as your name and, in some cases, the institution logo or pictures. In addition, a cover page enables you to make your word document more official and professional. You can add an image as your cover page background to make it colorful. Word also lets you modify the existing cover page templates to suit your document. If you don’t like the pre-designed templates, you can create your own cover page. And if you also realize that you don’t need a cover page, word has functions you can use to remove the page.

How to add a word cover page

Adding a word cover page is a very simple process considering that the program has in-built cover page templates that you can quickly insert or modify whenever you want to.

  1. First, open the insert tab and go to the pages group. Click cover page to open the drop-down menu.
  1. Scroll through the templates under the built-in section and choose any cover page you want.
  1. The cover page will be added to your word document. On the template, you’ll find the document title text box and others that you can edit.

How to create a custom word cover page

Inserting a cover page from the existing templates is quite easy. But if none of the templates impress you, you can just create a custom cover page. The way to do it is to open a new blank document first, and once you have created it, you can add it to your work. There are a lot of word tools that are essential when you want to create a cover page. This includes pictures, page colors and texture. But one of the best word features is quick parts.

  1. Go to the text section on the insert tab and select quick parts.
  1. On the drop-down menu, go to document property and choose some of the properties you want to include on your cover page. You can also add other styles such as page color and shapes.
  1. Once you are done with inserting illustrations, highlight the template created and go to the cover page on the pages section.
  1. Then click save the selection to cover page gallery.
  1. This will open a dialog box. Enter the necessary details in the create new building block window and press ok.

How to remove a word cover page

Removing a word cover page is the simplest thing. All you need to do is go to the insert tab and open the cover page menu. Then click remove cover page.

Final word

Having a word cover page is important if you want to give your document an official look. You should master the steps of creating a custom word cover page and adding or removing a cover page. You can subscribe to WPS Academy for lessons on more word tools.

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