How To Insert Excel Into Word – 3 Best Ways of 2023

Sometimes we need to attach an excel sheet of data to a word document. Most of us don’t know how to insert excel into word, so we would have just copied and pasted the excel sheet into the word file. It might work, and you can paste the excel sheet into a word document. But there is always more than what the eye meets.

Copying and pasting an excel sheet into a word document is the wrong way of doing the task. It will unleash a series of technical issues when you try to manipulate the excel sheet later in the word document. In this article, you will understand how to insert excel into word.

Inserting Excel Sheet as an Embedded Object

The best way how to insert excel into word is by inserting the sheet as an embedded object. Follow these steps to insert the excel sheet into word files as an embedded object.

  1. Select the portion of the excel sheet you want to insert in the word file, and then press Ctrl + C.
  • Now go to the word file and place your cursor where you want to insert the excel sheet (data table.)
  • Now in the Home Menu, go and click the arrow under the paste option and choose Paste special option.
  • Now, you can see a wide range of pasting options. Choose the Microsoft Excel sheet and click Ok at the bottom right of the dialog box.

Insert Excel Sheet Into Word By Linking File

This is also another efficient method to insert your Excel sheet into word without altering its format. This is how to insert excel into word in an efficient way.

  1. After opening the word document, click on the Insert tab, where you can see many options.
  • Go to the Object drop-down menu and click on the Object from Text section.
  • Now, you can see an Object dialog box appear on your screen. You have to click on Create from File option in the dialog box. It will allow you to browse and select the Excel sheet or file you want to insert into the word document.
  •  There will be two options to insert the Excel sheet into the word document. If you want to link the sheet in word, click on the Link to File option. Or, if you want the excel file to appear just like an icon, you can choose the Display as Icon option.

Copy & Pasting Excel Sheet Into Word

Copying and pasting Excel sheets into word is not an advisable method because the pasted excel sheet will be converted into a word table, making it hard for us to format the table. The most time-saving way how to insert excel into word is by copying and pasting it.

  1. Go to the Excel sheet and highlight or select the cells you want to insert in the word.
  2. Then click Ctrl + C at the same time to get the cells copied. You can also right-click and select copy to accomplish the same result.
  3. Now, go to your word document and place your cursor where you want to insert the excel sheet.
  4. Press Ctrl + P or right-click and choose the paste option. Your excel sheet will be successfully inserted into the word document.
  • Voila! This is the output.

This is the same way how to insert excel into word online using WPS office. Remember to use this method if you are sure you don’t need to make any changes to the excel sheet.

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