How to insert Page border in word

Have you ever come across printed documents that have page borders? And what about graphics or pictures with borders? Well, word has page border features with pre-built border templates which you can customize to suit your preferences. Page borders enable you to create professional-looking word documents. Have you ever tried to create your cv using word? Most of the time, you’ll find people inserting a page border in the word document to make it look more appealing.

However, you might find yourself hurrying to print your word document hence forgetting that the page border functionality exists. Adding a page border in your word document creates a unique appearance different from other people’s documents. It is not easy to find people using page borders unless they are creating a cv or poster. So, you need to learn how to add a page border in word. Additionally, you should also learn how to create a custom page border. And also how to remove page borders if they don’t look stunning to you. With just a few steps, you can add, modify or remove a page border.

How to add a page border in word

To insert a page border in your word document:

Go to the design tab and click page borders on the page background section. On the borders and shading dialog box, go to page border. And choose among the options available and click ok. The default word page border settings will be applied to the whole document on every side of the page. (image)

How to add a custom page border in word

When it comes to creating a page border, custom borders are the most exciting. Here you get to choose the custom options that suit you and your word document. Word allows you to customize the border templates available to match your preferences.

Go to the page background section on the Design tab and select page borders. This will open up the border and shading dialog box. Go to page border and click custom. This option allows you to select the specific sides you want to add borders to, as well as the border width, style, art, and color. You can also choose whether you want to add page borders to specific pages or the whole word document. After you have made the customizations, click ok. All the settings you selected will be applied as chosen. (image)

How to remove a page border in word

The upside of using word to write your papers is that it also lets you remove anything that you can add. If the page border added does not look good on your word document, you can remove it.

If your word document has several sections, select the specific sections. If you want to remove borders from the whole document, then don’t select anything. Go to the design tab and click page borders on the page background section. On the borders and shading dialog box, go to the page border column. Select none under setting, then click ok. The page borders will disappear. (image)

Final word

That is all you need to know about creating, modifying or removing a page border in word. Learn more about word functionalities from WPS Academy. You will sharpen your word typing and formatting skills.

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