How to Make One Page Landscape

WPS is a powerful tool when used right. It has several tools and functionalities that can change how you handle data. You can change your page orientation for the whole document or a single page. We’d love to show you how to make one page landscape in a document in anticipation of your future WPS uses.

Several reasons necessitate a change in page orientation. Your pages do not have to be the same for the whole document. Whereas plain words can be printed and presented in the portrait mode, you should preferably use the landscape mode for illustration pages, such as those with big tables or symbols. Let’s learn how to make one page landscape in your document for printing or presentation purposes.

Landscape orientation is usually horizontal in nature as opposed to portrait orientation, which is vertical. Also, note that portrait is used as the default orientation in documents unless you change it, which we will show you in a series of steps.

Highlight the Words on the Page

You cannot change how your page looks if you don’t highlight the words on the page. You can either highlight manually by pressing the left button of your mouse and dragging the cursor or using a shortcut, CTRL+ A. Whatever method you choose, ensure that your document is highlighted before you begin. Image)

Head to the Page Layout Section

Orientation is part of the document’s layout; therefore, making your document landscape can only happen in the page layout section of Word. The page layout setting is usually on the same line as home and insert functions as shown in the screenshot below: (image)

 Change Your Orientation

Clicking on the page layout button will bring up several options that will allow you to change how your page looks. Since we are interested in making our one-page document landscape, head to orientation, which is slightly below the page layout button to the right. When you click on the orientation, you will get two options, as shown below: (image)

Remember that the default orientation for Word is portrait, which you should ignore. Click on the landscape option, and you will notice a significant change in your document. The sentences will be longer, and the document will look wider.

Remember that you can also easily revert your document to portrait orientation by following the steps we have covered above. All you have to do is click on portrait after accessing the orientation options.

Final Word

Changing your page’s orientation should not take a huge toll on you as it is quite easy. All you have to do is go to the page layout section then orientation and finally change how your page looks. Also, remember to use the same steps when reverting it to portrait orientation.

We hope you have now figured out how to make one page landscape. Do not forget to subscribe to WPS academy and view all the available videos. Also, install WPS on your devices and enjoy a range of functions.

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