How to remove a page in word?

There are many reasons why you would consider removing a page on word. It is important that you know all the procedures for removing a page on word. First, when you are typing, and you realize that your content is not flowing, you’ll have to erase it. What if it is a whole page full of text? Many people often go to the last word on the page and continuously tap on the backspace key until all the content is erased.

Furthermore, it could be a page without any content on it. The same method also applies to pages that are empty. However, don’t you think tapping the backspace key too many times is tedious? In addition, using such a method makes you look computer illiterate. Imagine a situation whereby you are making a presentation in front of a whole class or panel, and you realize that a page was accidentally added. You will need an efficient solution that completely eradicates the problem of interfering with the format and structure of your work.

Removing a page on word that won’t delete

There is nothing more irritating than removing a page on word, but it just won’t budge! Just existing without being added intentionally is frustrating enough. Well, unwanted blank pages can be attributed to a number of factors. It could be due to formatting issues or layout views. If you can’t delete an empty page:

  1. Go to the view tab and click the navigation pane on the show group. (image)
  1. On the navigation pane, go to pages. This will show all your word document pages. Locate the blank page and click on it. A blue border will surround the page. Press delete to erase it. (image)

Removing a page on word by adjusting font size

Reducing the font size of paragraph markers is not very common. That is because people think that the fastest and only way of removing a page on word is simply highlighting and deleting. In fact, many people probably don’t know that there are other ways of removing a page on word.

  1. Go to the paragraph ribbon on the home tab and click the paragraph symbol to display paragraph marks. (image)
  1. Go to the unwanted blank page. Select the markers and reduce the font size to 01. Then click ctrl + shift + 8 to hide the paragraph icons. (image)

Removing a page on word using find and replace

A lot of people do not know that the find and replace tool has numerous functions. Did you know that you can also use the tool to highlight or delete a page? The common function of find and replace is searching a word and replacing it with another, literally finding and replacing! But the function is also useful when removing a page on word. Place the cursor on the page you want to remove and type Ctrl + G to open the dialog box. Go to enter page and type ‘\page’. This will take you to the page which will be highlighted already, and click delete. (image)

Final word

Have you learned all the methods of removing a page on word? Knowing all these methods will save you time and reduce frustrations. You can also visit WPS Academy for more lessons on how to use word features.

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