How to remove page break in word

Many people do not realize how page breaks are very important in their word documents. Page breaks are very useful when you want to divide your work into different sections. Even when you want to number your pages differently, you’ll have to use page breaks. Word often adds page breaks automatically when you are typing. But if you don’t want to use page breaks, you can always delete them. So, it is important that you learn how to remove page breaks in word.

As much as page breaks are very helpful, if you combine manual and automatic page breaks too many times, you might end up with very many empty spaces. The point is word already adds page breaks automatically, so if you are not keen might end up creating a lot of blank pages while adding manual page breaks. However, if you learn how to make adjustments to the page breaks or some of the methods of removing the page breaks, then you need not worry about them.

How to remove page break in word using find and replace

Having too many page breaks that you are unable to remove can be frustrating. Sometimes you might even find yourself scouring the internet for ways of deleting a page break. Well, you can use word’s find and replace to get rid of the page breaks.

  1. Go to the editing section on the home tab and click find. This will open up the navigation pane for you to search for anything you want. On the navigation search bar, click the drop-down arrow next to the search symbol. On the drop-down menu, click advanced find. (image)
  • A dialog box will open. Click more and go to special. (image)
  • Choose manual page break among the options. This will select the page break(s) in the document. Close the dialog box and go back to the highlighted page break. Press the delete key. (image)

How to remove page break in word using paragraph markers

Page breaks are not visible like other features on word. To display page breaks and remove them:

  1. Go to the paragraph icon on the paragraph section of the Home tab. (image)
  • This will show your document’s paragraph marks and page breaks. Highlight the page break and click the delete key. Then press ctrl + shift + 8 to hide the paragraph icons. (image)

How to remove page break in word using track changes

Have you tried removing manual page breaks, but they just won’t go away? That is because your track changes feature is on. The feature shows all the modifications made to your word document. But you won’t be able to remove a manual page break if track changes is activated.

Go to the tracking section of the review tab and press track changes. On the drop-down menu, click track changes to turn it off. Once track changes is off, you can proceed to highlight the page breaks and click delete. (image)

Final word

Removing page breaks will help you free your word document from too many unwanted empty pages. You can use this guide and learn how to remove page breaks in word. Check out WPS Academy to get more guides on word functionalities.

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