How to remove page in word?

Are you frustrated because you can’t get rid of an annoying page that just won’t go away? Sometimes when you try to remove a page in word, it refuses to go away. That is because you did not take your time to uncover the root of the problem. It is always essential you get to know what you are dealing with before you make any move. How many methods do you know that are resourceful when you want to remove a page in word documents?

Sometimes the problem is not visible until you try applying sophisticated methods. Not many people are aware of the fact that Even, Next, or Odd page section breaks can create an unwanted empty page. But these are not problems you’ll notice immediately on your word document. It takes consistency and days of using the word program to understand such problems. However, the most important part is comprehending the available options you have when you want to remove a page in word. This will save you time and improve your computer user skills.

How to remove an empty page in word

There are a lot of times you might accidentally tap the space or enter button. What you might not notice is that when you create tables or click the space bar severally or additional paragraph marks or unwanted section breaks can leave you with an unintentional empty page. What you need to worry about when you find yourself in such a situation is how you’ll delete the page.

  1. Go to the paragraph group on the home tab and click the paragraph icon. This will show paragraph icons throughout the blank page. (image)
  •  Highlight the paragraph marks, then tap the delete key. After the page disappears, press ctrl + shift + 8 to hide the paragraph icons. (image)

How to remove a page with text in word

Removing a page with text in your essay or report should not even make you break a sweat. Sometimes you happen to have exceeded the page limit set by your teacher or employer, and you need to eliminate some pages. First, verify the page you want to remove. It shouldn’t be a page that contains crucial information. Once you have chosen a page, click on the mouse to move the cursor across the page. This will highlight the whole page with text. Then proceed to your keyboard and trace the delete key, and press it. (image)

How to remove a page in word after a section break

If the cause of an empty page in your word document is a section break, you need to be extra careful. If you delete a section break in the middle of your word document, you’ll affect the rest of the document’s formatting. So, you should first change the setting of the section start:

  1. Go to the section break you intend to change. Click the arrow on the bottom right to open the page set-up window on the layout tab. (image)
  • On the dialog box, go to layout and change the section start to continuous. This will automatically get rid of the page troubling you. (image)

Final word

Has this helped you learn how to remove pages in word? You should try and understand all the methods available. Reach out to WPS Academy for more tips on how to use word functions.

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