How to select text quickly in ms word?

As technology continues to develop, people are increasingly using different kinds of technological software to help them in their work, and Microsoft Word is one of the best helpers. As the most popular word processing program, it provides users with tools for creating professional and elegant documents, helping them to save time and get elegant and beautiful results. What’s more, Microfoft Word is compatible with multi-share editing, which can synchronize collaboration for greater efficiency. So how can we select text in MS Word? The following section describes seven methods of text selection. Read on to find out more about it!

How to select continuous text in ms word?

There are two main types of methods in Microsoft word to select text,one is uisng the mouse and another is using the menu to select text.

1. Select specific word,sentence or paragraph

Step-1: Place the cursor in front of the first letter of the word, sentence or paragraph to be selected.

Step-2: Click and hold while dragging the cursor to select the desired text.

2. Select single line, paragraph or entire document

Step-1: Move the cursor to the left end of the line you want to select.

Step-2: When the mouse arrow becomes reversed, click the left button to select the entire line of text, double click the left button to select the entire paragraph of text and triple click the left button to select the entire document. (Another way to select entire article is pressing “ctrl+A”)

3. Select entire document

Step-1: Click Home option in the menu.

Step-2: Click the Select button in the Edit group on the right.

Step-3: Click on the Select button in the drop-down list that pops up, and select the Select All option in the drop-down list that pops up, at which point you can select the entire document.

How to select dispersed text by using the menu?

1. Select area text

Step-1: Move the cursor to the beginning of the selection and hold down the Alt key to pull the rectangular area out to the bottom right.

Step-2: Take the text in the selection area and change the colour to see the effect of the selection.

2. Select different areas of text

Step-1: If you want to select different areas of text within the same text, select a portion of the text first.

Step-2: Hold down the Ctrl key and add the other texts.

How to deselect selected text?

Remove selection of continous areas of text

Step-1: Click on any blank space outside the selected text, then the selected text will be unselected.

Remove selection of dispersed areas of text

Step-1: If you do not want to select a section, you canmove the cursor to that section and then click the left button to cancel it.

Learn more about how to select text quickly

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