What is Avery Template in MS Word, and How to find and Create Avery 5160 Template in Word?

The Avery 5160 Template is a piece of paper, a metal piece and a soft copy which contains the information about product or item name, address and symbol. Avery Templates contain blank templates that are easily customized and modified according to choice. The colors, graphics, and size can be changed according to choice. With the help of mail merge data and contacts import quickly.

Avery Template contains more labels that are created with print online, Avery design.it contains and stores one or more labels that contain graphics, page layout, design, and printable labels. For Avery Template in word you must know about the Avery template code.

You want a label/ template to mention the name, address and symbol of the product but you have no idea how you do this. You don’t know How to find and Print Avery 5160 Template Word. Don’t worry about it. In this article, I am going to tell you how to find specific template code of templates and how to find 5160 template word.

Step How to Find 5160 Template Word In MS Word:

1. Open MS Word

2. Go to the Upper line and select Mailing option

3. Open mailing tab and select label option

4. New window is appear than click on option button

5. New window is open on desktop then add the information according the 5160 template word code

6. Select “page printer” option

7. In label vendors select “Avery Us letter”

8. And select the product code 5160 easy peel address and ok

9. Select new document option

10. Select page print of same label option

10. New window open with 5160 code according labels

11. You can edit and modify according to your choice and change text, color, graphics and save on the computer in an easy way.

12. You can also add pictures and new text from the Insert option to add images as you link.

13. Go to the file option select save as and write the name and select the folder where you want to save.

How to Download the Product number:

If your software or MS Word does not have, Avery 5160 template Word, don’t worry I will tell you how to do it and how to set its labels online from Google.

  1. Go to the Google tab
  2. Type avery.com/template
  1. Create an account on Avery.com
  2. When the account is done
  1. Enter the product code 5160
  1. A new window is appear
  2. Click on new project
  3. Select the template and label design as you like and complete one by one all process
  4. Select next and edit your template picture, text etc as you like
  5. Select print and preview
  1. Select a Pdf proof and download the pdf and use it as you want.

I hope this article helps you a lot to find your 5160 Template word and if your software doesn’t have it I will explain how to download it from google.

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