Amazing Facts About Foxit PDF Viewer

Foxit PDF viewer is an amazing PDF document editing, reading and viewing tool that is available for download on its official website online. With it, you can view, edit, annotate, fill forms, and sign PDF files across diverse gadgets such as your desktop, laptop, tablet and even smartphone.

Foxit PDF viewer as a PDF tool for handling PDF documents is ideal both for individual users and also for large corporations. Use foxit pdf viewer to also encrypt your most sensitive documents and also access varied cloud features for increased functionality. Note that the free version may just offer you basic PDF editing and annotating functionality. 

If you wish to get all the advanced features of the Foxit PDF viewer and be able to work with multiple pdfs all at once, you can get the premium version of it.

Read and print PDF files with Foxit

You can easily use the Foxit PDF viewer or reader tool to help you be able to seamlessly access and read all your PDF files.

Sign with Foxit PDF tool

Foxit PDF viewer tool enables you to protect your precious documents by using its safe sign feature. With this feature, you can customize your digital signature for use on your important documents.

Collaborate and share 

With Foxit PDF viewer tool, you can easily collaborate and share your documents through the cloud with leading enterprise content management services. Foxit PDF viewer also features an array of annotation tools allowing you to easily share document feedback. Adding images, videos and other forms or file attachment is also quite easy.

Limitations of the Foxit PDF Document tool

While Foxit pdf viewer is such an excellent PDF document tool, it also comes with certain limitations. There are some limitations on certain PDF files that the Foxit PDF viewer tool can’t open as it can’t read specific scripts.

You can still use the WPS PDF tool to read uncompatible scripts on Foxit

Foxit PDF viewer is mostly used by organizations working with PDF documents to meet their internal processes whether in the IT, financial, legal, or engineering fields industries. However, as you have read above that there are certain specific scripts it may not open. Here is where the WPS Office PDF tool comes in handy. It is mostly popular with firms that are keen on Microsoft Office alternatives. Indeed, WPS provides a great alternative to Microsoft without necessarily interfering with performance on the PC.

Another great thing is that WPS Office is a revolutionary office suite that is highly adaptable with various operating systems, applications and software. It is highly rich in salient features and is a better alternative to even Microsoft Office which is limited in functionality. It readily adapts with most PDF tools including the Foxit PDF document tool.

WPS Office is a leading office suite software that has been around for quite a long time. Since its launch in 1988, it has continued to improve its features and functionality. Some of the top and leading global organizations have downloaded it for use in various industries. These include high-tech, construction, pharmacy, manufacturing, retail, and much more.

There are so many reasons for you to consider downloading WPS Office Suite software package. Prominent of those reasons is that it is completely compatible with common operating systems including Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, Linux, etc. It also supports multi-file formats including; doc, htm, xls, xlm, jpg, ppt, pdf, and so much more.

Download the WPS Office suite for free by visiting the official website today. Once you download it, you get to enjoy so many benefits. Among the benefits include getting the WPS membership for free and also editing your PDF documents free. 

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