Best Way to Create Resume- Free Resume Templates

Do you often wonder how to make a good resume? It is common today for hundreds of people to apply for a single job. With so many candidates to choose from for the same position, it’s not enough that your Resume fits the job description. It has to stand out. 

On WPS Office, we have a tool to create free resume templates in which you will not have to heat your head too much. You can also use the best free pdf editor available on the WPS office to edit your existing resume.

Fortunately, creating an eye-catching professional Resume is easy and free with WPS Office. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Tips on Creating a Resume

Do you want to create a good resume that stands out, is clear, and has a personal touch? Follow the tips below to create a professional CV:

1. Curriculum design- Good Design

2. Write clearly and concisely

3. Include only relevant information

4. Never more than two pages

5. Be positive

3% Plagiarism

Common Mistakes When Writing a Resume

Here are some of the most common mistakes you should avoid when writing a resume. 

  1. Unupdated Resume
  2. Spelling Errors
  3. Unstructured and cluttered format
  4. Irrelevant personal information
  5. Gaps in the resume
  6. Unprofessional photo
  7. Salary expectations in the resume
  8. Lying on the resume

Free Resume Templates on WPS Office

If you look at the templates section in WPS Office, you will find hundreds of Resume Templates you can choose from. Most resume templates are free to use. You can fully customize them from the WPS Office with their best free pdf editor and edit them anytime. 

You can easily create a professional resume in minutes from WPS Office that will help you stand out in your Job application. You can even upload your resume and edit your older resume to give it a better touch in the WPS Office. 

How does it work?

  • Select a template and personalize your CV to reflect your personality.
  • Complete the relevant sections that make up your CV.
  • Download your CV in an instant and edit it at any moment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Free Resume Templates 

Now that you know about the best free resume templates to download, it is necessary to mention that, although practical, they might only be for some. Therefore, we will quickly review the advantages and disadvantages of free resume templates so that you can decide if they are the ideal option for you.


  • Zero investment: As the name implies, using a free resume template means that your portfolio will not suffer any damage, and, on the contrary, it can help you land a job with a good salary.
  • Easy to use: Most of the free resume templates are very user-friendly. When you download them, you will only have to modify the texts and be ready to send them to the recruiter.
  • Little effort: Since all the design work is already done, you can focus exclusively on writing content that leaves the recruiter speechless.
  • A lot of Design Options: There are a lot of free resume templates available on WPS Office and on other websites where you can choose the resume from wide options.


  • Few customization options: By downloading a free template, you will depend on the designer’s generosity. Some graphic artists often create fully editable layouts that allow you to play with the sections and styles of the resume template. However, most have default options that cannot be changed, so you will have to be the one who adapts to the design as well as possible. 
  • Use of fonts: Many times, the designer allows you to download your resume template. However, it does not include the necessary fonts, so the design looks the same as the original model. But on WPS Office, you can easily select the fonts easily from the tab above and select the font you like, which can be the same used in the template or a different font.

Learn More about WPS Resume Templates

So, you might have known about creating a professional resume with free templates. Although many options are available, finding the ideal CV model can seem daunting, especially when you want to avoid making an investment. But with WPS Office, you can choose from hundreds of Free Resume Templates to create a professional resume within minutes. The best part is you can also use the best free pdf editor on WPS to edit your resume.

So, what are you waiting for? Download WPS Office and create a professional and effective CV in a matter of minutes. Choose a resume template to fill out and complete each section quickly with ready-to-use phrases. 

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