How can you use Free Invoice Templates for your business?

The path for those who want to be business owners and freelancers has some obstacles. With the passage of time and experience, they look back and are surprised at how it could take so long or generate so many doubts, but the new freelancers see it differently. Making an invoice is one of these complications, so having an invoice template in WPS Spreadsheet makes the process much easier. WPS also makes it easier for you to edit your existing invoice with their free pdf editor.

Fortunately, the world of the Internet is full of free invoice templates in WPS that can be downloaded and filled out easily and quickly and alleviate some of the headaches. 

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a commercial document indicating a sale of a good or service, serving as a document to formalize the scope of an exchange. Every entrepreneur or self-employed person is obliged to make invoices for the sale of goods or services.

It is also required in the case of advances, except for intra-community sales of exempt goods.

The invoiced amount is an account to be received since it is the amount the self-employed person or business still has to receive for his role as a provider of goods and/or services.

Invoices generally contain the following data:

  • Goods and/or services listed
  • Logo of your business (if applicable)
  • Payment terms 
  • Invoice issue date
  • Fees billed for work performed or goods offered
  • Quantity of items offered
  • Shipping Details
  • Subtotal before taxes and discounts
  • Tax Details
  • Discount details
  • Total amount due

What are the different types of invoices?

The types of invoices based on the data included:

  • Standard Invoices- the most common type of invoices covering the basics, suitable for most industries.
  • Timesheet Invoices- for professionals who bill clients based on the hours worked.
  • Pro forma invoices- suitable to indicate budgets before doing the work.
  • Interim Invoices- suitable for invoicing smaller amounts throughout a larger project.
  • Recurring Bills- suitable in case fixed amounts are regularly charged for service packages.
  • Overdue Invoices- suitable for payments that are already due.
  • Credit Invoices- suitable for discounts and late refunds.
  • Debit Invoices- suitable for a subsequent increase in the original amount you have already invoiced to the customer.
  • Mixed Invoices- suitable for charging several projects through a single invoice (if the mentioned projects imply discounts, refunds, and subsequent increases in the amount).
  • Commercial Invoices- suitable for international shipments.

Invoice Templates on WPS

You can easily create a multi-purpose invoice on the WPS Suite and send it to your clients for different billable goods, services, and hours. It makes the task of creating an invoice hassle-free and very convenient. 

Download the multi-purpose Invoice Template on WPS, personalize it for your brand, including the company name and logo, and edit the data according to different clients. The best part is since the invoice is available on the WPS Spreadsheet, the templates will automatically do the calculations after you enter the data. 

If you have existing invoices you want to edit or update you can also do it with the free pdf editor on WPS.

Advantages of Using Invoice Template

  • Easy, faster, and more accurate billing,
  • Easier to keep track of your invoices,
  • Access your billing information at any time and on all devices,
  • Reduces the Hassle of creating an invoice from scratch.

Learn More about WPS Invoice Templates

Invoice Templates make your job easier with the convenient and fast way to create an invoice without worrying about anything else. Just personalize it according to how you like it and then add your data. The best part is with pre-included formulas. You don’t have to do the calculations. On top of that, you can also edit your existing Invoice with the free pdf editor on WPS.

Download WPS Office now and enjoy a set of multi-tools necessary for your business, including WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Presentation, WPS PDF, and best of all, get to the Template store to enjoy free invoice templates, tax calculator, and many more.

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