How to convert pdf to jpg

As the formet of PDF is becoming more and more popular beacuse it can be used in nearly every system, many information spread or send in the format of PDF. However, a big disadvantage of PDF is that it can’t be edited or very difficult to edit. Maybe it’s a strong protection of the information itself,but it’s inconvenience to the users. In this condition , we need to convert pdf to jpg that make it easy to edit. However, how do we convert? We will provide instructions for users in three effective ways to convert pdf to jpg in PC side.

To convert pdf to jpg in WPS

Step-1: Row the menu to the right to find the special function tap. Click this tab and you will see many options just down the main menu.

Step-2:On clicking the PDF convert to JPG option, you will see a popup window which contains many detail information of the picture.

Step-3:In the popup window, the first we should choose is that whether we want to output page by page or output in a simply long page.In the [ Exprot Scope] option, there are three kinds of watermark for us to choose.Then you can choose the format if picture you want to get which includes the format of JPG.

In the [ Quality ] option,you can choose the different percent of quality you want to get.

In the [Exprot Direction] option, you can input the name of the catalogue you want to output or choose directly from your computer.If you are afraid of losing your content, you can check the option of backuping in the cloud domument.If you don’t have the privilege of some options, everyone of you have a chance to use the privilege for seven days.

Finally, click the option of [Export], and you can successfully convert pdf to jpg and can see your jpg in the place you save it.

To conert pdf to jpg in smallpdf

Step-1:Download the app of the smallpdf or search its oficial website directly in the browser.

Step-2:Click on the arrows. Choose the file you want to convert into jpg and uploading it.

Step-3:Choose whether you want to transform the file competely or cut out the file one by one. Tick in the relative circle. Then we will tell the two kinds of transform ways one by one.

1.Transform the file compotely:Click on the [choose option] button, and then you will see the jpg of your file.

  1. Cut out the file one by one:After you log in, you will have seven days to use for free.Cut out the part you want to convert into jpg, and click the button, then you can convert the pdf to jpg successfully.

To convert pdf tp jpg in ilovepdf. com

Step-1:Search for the ilovepdf official website and then open it.

Step-2:Click on [Select PDF files] and then select the pdf you want to convert and import it.

Step-3: You can choose pace to jpg or exact images,and you can also choose the image quality according to the jpg you like.Then, click on the button [Convert to JPG].

Step-4:You can download the jpg you have successfully converted. There are also some other choices for you in the right of the button.Then, you successfully convert pdf to jpg.

Using tips:

  1. After converting your pdf to jpg, you’d better to open the jpg again to make sure the pdf has been successfully converted to jpg.
  2. Most website can convert pdf to jpg for free, but some can’t. These website always have some days free for you to experience its service, you can make good use of the few days.
  3. When you are converting your pdf to jpg, you must select every button carefully or it maybe influence the quality of the final jpg.


1.How to convert pdf to jpg without demand?

You can use some professional website or apps to do thiswhich can efficiently help you to ensure the quality of the jpg.

2.How to change the format between pdf and jpg or any other formats?

You can search in the [service] interface in WPS to know more other operations.

Learn more about how to convert pdf to jpg

Have you learned about how to convert pdf to jpg? If you want to know more details about other functions, you can follow WPS Academy to learn.Also, in the WPS office,there are many other useful functions waiting for you to explore.

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