How To Sign PDF Adobe- Step By Step Complete Guidelines

In the world of online markets, everything is performed online such as contracts and dealings. You cannot confirm a contract by air, rather a sign or a stamp is always needed for confirmation. Do you have any knowledge about e-signature? Sometimes you need to sign a pdf adobe but you don’t know where to get assistance.

In such sudden scenarios, you can create your e-signature through an online tool to sign pdf adobe. All of your work would be online and your e-signature would always be a secure one. Let’s know more about this facility here.

How To Sign PDF Adobe?


To sign PDFs Adobe we need to create your e-signature or edit the old one. Adobe acrobat is a tool that helps you to digitally sign pdf adobe without taking help from an outside source. You can facilitate yourself for free with a security tool.

The personalised signature helps you to sign a contract without any restrictions online. E-signing is quick hence you can easily extend your business around the globe. It is better to get help from a tool that supports different formats and provides various features for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How To Sign PDF Adobe?

If you ever indulge in a situation where you need to learn how to sign an online agreement then we are here to facilitate our reader. All the experts recommend different platforms like adobe acrobat, WPS office, etc. to sign digitally. You just need to follow the given procedure to create or edit your e-signature for adobe pdf:

Step 1: Select Your File

Open up the official website and upload the specific file you want to sign. Select the sign icon present in the toolbar.


Step 2: Create Your Signature

There would be an option of “Fill and sign”, select it. The exact form would be detected automatically and a blue box would be visible. Type your text to fill the blue area.


Step 3: Confirm Your Signature 

You can choose whether you want to add a signature or an initial. You can also adjust the size, position as well as orientation of your signature on the specific PDF file. Select the sign option and choose the area of signature. At last, select “Ok”.


Features Of The Best Online Platform

If you have a little blink of confusion in your mind regarding the selection of a tool to sign pdf then don’t worry readers. We have a clear-cut answer which is enough to relax your confusion. Here, we are going to discuss the positive points and the things that are desired in all the tools:

  • Signing Tools: Your tool must facilitate three types of signatures in which you can draw, and use images or text to create your customised signature. Hence, your time will be saved as you don’t need to get a print of the document and then sign it.
  • Allow Filling Of Files: You can fill any PDF file with the help of the tool with a smooth signature facility. It supports multiple servers and the procedure is simple. You can even add any kind of picture in the file after scanning it using the inbuilt scanning tool.
  • Secure Tool: Lots of people hesitate from using such tools as their information is very secret and they want to keep it private. You can trust a tool like adobe acrobat or WPS office as your private information would never be saved. You can get 100% privacy here.
  • Templates: The most prominent feature of the tool is that it must have several templates that contribute to enhancing the appearance of documents. Moreover, you can also enjoy additional templates.
  • Highly Compatible: Your tool must be considered highly compatible as it allows users to save a file in different formats that may include jpg, pdf, xls, or .doc, etc. Moreover, it also offers multiple language options.

All these desired features are present in the most reputable tools like WPS Office and Adobe Acrobat. You can also download WPS Office as it has compatible facilities with adobe.

Wise Words

If you want to sign pdf adobe digitally, getting help from the reputable platform is the perfect option. Your tool must facilitate you with a lot of features at one interface and the entire work is free online. You can have your customized signature which is secure so that you may not indulge in any scam. WPS Office is a recommended option for signing PDF files.

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