How You Can Edit PDF Files Foxit

Foxit is a free pdf document editor that provides various other excellent features you will like in a pdf document reader or editor. It features a user-interface that is quite easy to use even for a person who is just beginning to use pdf tools. With it, you essentially easily edit pdf with foxit without being a pro

To edit pdf with foxit is excellent and offers more functionality and features when compared to other available pdf editors or readers online. You can easily edit pdf with foxit by splitting documents, merging files, adding pages, scanning paper documents into pdf,etc. Nonetheless, you could still make use of its cloud features to keep files or documents you may need later

Features of the Foxit PDF Editor at a glance:

One of the most attractive qualities of the edit PDF with foxit tool is that you can download it for free. Like the other pdf tools you find online, it also comes with a premium version offering loads of amazing features. There is a trial period to test its features before purchasing it.

With Foxit PDF, you get a feature-rich edit PDF with foxit tool to help you handle a wide range of PDF files. Whether the PDF files are associated with business, education or are personal documents, you can use the edit PDF with foxit feature to get your PDF files ready. The software offers a great alternative to the Adobe Acrobat PDF tool.

So, what function does the Foxit PDF provide?

The software is suitable for the common operating systems around the world including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux. The Foxit PDF tool allows to be empowered to execute quite a number of functions such as:

o   Create, edit, split, merge, annotate, and sign your PDF documents

o   Convert PDF files into; Word documents, Excel, JPG, PowerPoint, and other formats. If you wish to change them back into PDF, you can.

o   You can also generate barcodes using Foxit

o   Use it to print documents

o   You can also time stamp or edit PDF files with foxit should the need arise.

Other alternatives to Foxit – WPS Office

The WPS Office is a free office software offering a complete office suite package for the top leading and popular operating systems. It comes as a great alternative to edit pdf with foxit as It works seamlessly with the leading operating systems such as; Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. It was formerly known as Kingsoft Office, created by a Chinese software development company, Kingsoft.

WPS Office comes mainly in three major offerings which include; WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, and WPS Presentation. You should consider getting WPS Office as it already enjoys millions of active users every month worldwide and installations that have surpassed the 1.2 billion mark. The basic version is offered to users for free but there is also a premium version for professionals. The premium version of WPS Office can be accessed by professional users through a subscription model.

WPS Office also provides an excellent pdf tool option that you can use on your PDF files. Visit WPS office official website to download it for free and start using its excellent PDF files editing, viewing and reading features. Interestingly, you also get to enjoy a membership bonus for downloading or registering on the platform.

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