Introducing The Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit is a PDF reader and is a popular choice for users looking to open PDF files, and it exposes users to a more diverse option for accessing files and performing office tasks. A PDF reader is any software that allows you to open, print, search, and interact with a PDF file. PDFs are the most recognizable file format in the world, but most available reader software and apps cannot do more than just open the file. However, users may sometimes want to do more than read or view, which usually requires additional software features. 

Foxit PDF Reader

These days, users usually need to edit, sign, or combine PDF files, which is beyond what regular PDF readers do. This is where software applications like Foxit serve users; however, most features come with a price, and users have to subscribe to premium to access them. 

Exploring Foxit 

Foxit is a decent PDF reader solution available to use on all kinds of devices. The software is suitable for all kinds of people and all various professions. It encourages and promotes productivity in a digital learning environment and has grown to become a reputable PDF solution for teachers and students in classrooms. Here are some other interesting features to explore on the Foxit PDF reader:

Paperless: The paperless feature on Foxit allows you to convert your hard copies into soft copies by scanning the document. You can always get a digital version of your hardcover as the editor uses optical character recognition(OCR) to scan pictures into text.

Track Document Usage: This is an impressive feature for businesses as it helps to provide insights into file activity. The information includes who opened the document, their actions, and the pages accessed.

Export PDF Content: This is one of the most desirable features of PDF files as it allows users to export the content of the document and convert them into word processors, presentation files, images, or spreadsheets.

At $29.95 a year, you can access several additional features that make for a complete PDF solution. Foxit also provides one of the most secure platforms for your files and documents, with extra features to set password protection and share and restrict access.

WPS PDF As An Alternative


WPS Office is emerging as a top alternative to other popular office tools, and its PDF reader software is overshadowing the likes of Foxit and other popular PDF readers, particularly because it offers all of the premium features for free. WPS PDF reader stands out from the rest of the competition, and beyond just opening files, users get to create, edit and annotate PDF documents once they have downloaded the WPS Office program. Creating a PDF file is a problem for some PDF software applications because it might be incompatible with other PDF readers and is a common problem that WPS PDF fixes in its software. Its files work well with Adobe Acrobat Reader and other PDF readers. The WPS Office software is available for download, and users can begin using it for their office tasks online and offline. Download the software here now.

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