Pros and Cons of Foxit Phantom PDF Download

Foxit Phantom PDF download provides you with the best platform online for your PDFs. This is a full suite that provides its users with options like PDF sharing, viewing, reading, and editing which makes your experience as wonderful as possible. With Foxit Phantom PDF download, you will have plenty of options for your mac and windows, it gives you free hand with your PDF files. But the problem arises when you are an individual who needs to do some editing in your document and you can’t afford to buy its subscription plan. 

Go for WPS office, which is the best in the market for PDF editing and is also free to download. WPS not only has Good PDF editing tools but also provides you with a PDF reader. If you are viewing your documents on a phone then you can enable mobile view in your document and can read the whole book on your phone. This tool is indeed the best in its line. Now let’s check out some pros and cons of the Foxit Phantom PDF download.

Pros of Foxit Phantom PDF Editor

Plenty of resources to learn from – The best pro for this software is that there is an abundance of information regarding its feature and how-to-use tutorials. You can look at any youtube video and Foxit Phantom PDF downloads its own blogs for all queries. You can even read its user manual and may know about how its interface works so efficiently.

User-Friendly Interface – Foxit Phantom PDF download tool is designed in a way that users get all the tools quickly when in need. Its interface is followed by a Microsoft ribbon pattern which allows its user to find any tool quickly because this interface puts all the tools in a similar position. Even if you don’t want to read or watch any tutorial about the tool you and use its PDF editor. 

Can Make New PDF from scratch – With this wonderful Foxit Phantom PDF download tool you can create your PDF from scratch too. You can completely make your PDF from the beginning and you can decide your font and theme as you like. You can merge many PDFs and also split any pdf into two. You can also convert different document formats into PDF files. This tool also provides you with 64-bit encryption. 

Cons of Foxit Phantom PDF Editor

The one and only drawback Foxit Phantom PDF download holds is that you need to register yourself before you will be able to use its features. If you are using its crack version then it may cost you more. After registering yourself by giving your information like email address, company name, and phone number then you will be able to use its paid service only for your trial period. If you don’t register yourself in Foxit Phantom PDF download then you can only access its free features that are not of much use. 

More About Foxit Phantom PDF Editor

Foxit Phantom PDF download is sometimes you can think to use because it will increase your team’s productivity and saves a lot of time that you and your team must waste on documents. Although if you don’t want to register then you can opt for its best alternative i.e WPS PDF tools. You just have to go to its official website and click “Download” on your computer’s screen. When you’re done, you’ll have a zip file with a link to download and install WPS. Now you can join for free and start making changes to your sheets, PDFs, and more. 

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